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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Practical Side of Stockpiling Amazon Rewards

We all know that Amazon is the "go to" website when it comes to electronics, toys, books and other fun and frivolous items that might be on our wishlists. However, last week I was once again reminded of how my Amazon rewards serve a practical purpose in keeping my household running smoothly by helping me save money on a necessary kitchen replacement part.

While baking a batch of cupcakes with my daughter, I noticed that my oven temperature was slowly falling and the cupcakes were not rising as they should. Long story short, hubby determined that the baking element in our oven had stopped working and needed to replaced.  Since the oven is at least 15 years old with no warranty, we knew we'd have to cover the cost of repairing it ourselves.

After searching online and finding the part at Sears and several other appliance parts websites with prices ranging from $35 - $48 plus shipping, the deal seeking part of my brain finally woke up and I realized I hadn't checked Amazon. You know that feeling, when you overlook the obvious and all you can say to yourself is.... 

DUH!!  ..... and..... Double DUH!!!        

Well, you probably know how this story ends, right? I found the exact part we needed at Amazon for only $19.95 plus $8.47 expedited 2-3day shipping. Comparing this with the best price I found elsewhere including shipping charges, I saved over $13!  Actually, since I paid for this item with Amazon rewards instead of our "real money" you could say that I once again shopped for FREE at!

I hope you're earning lots of Amazon rewards from the sources I mention here. Keep building up your rewards stockpile and don't forget about all the practical uses for those Amazon rewards. It's wonderful to save them up for the next electronic gadget that hits the market but be sure to check out Amazon for the necessary household items you may be in need of before spending any "real money" elsewhere.

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