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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazon Kindle- A Family Favorite - Win a Kindle Cover!

First, I'd like to wish everyone a belated very Happy New Year!!

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and were able to fill your loved ones stockings with lots of goodies from their Amazon wishlists.

The Kindle was a popular item for our family this year. Our 2 youngest kids each got one from Santa and my husband and I decided to get one for my Mom since she never leaves the house without a book in her purse. Now she can carry a library of her favorites everywhere she goes. It's awesome to see the kids reading on their own everyday by choice, without any reminders from me! I think just the idea of holding something electronic, that almost feels like a video game, has increased their desire to read. Hey, whatever it takes! I sure do hope this will last well into the new year and beyond and not become a passing fad--fingers crossed : ).  I'm also seriously considering getting another one when my oldest goes off to college next year. I've heard from other parents that they've saved tons of money by downloading college textbooks onto the Kindle instead of paying bookstore prices for the very heavy textbooks that the kids hate to carry around campus anyway. It sounds like a wonderful solution to save money and prevent backpack injuries.

I'm so glad to see everyone enjoying their new Kindles which I purchased with the help of Amazon rewards I'd been collecting from various sources throughout the year. I have to admit, I didn't know very much about the Kindle when it became a wanted item on the kids' Christmas lists, but I can definitely see why it and other electronic readers are becoming so popular. Besides books, you can also get magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and various apps and games. We've been having a lot of spelling fun with a FREE download called the Every Word game. It's a word scramble puzzle where you need to make as many words as you can from a group of random letters. It's a great way to sharpen your spelling skills and learn some new words too. 

 So anyway, back to the Kindle Cover contest I mentioned in the title of this post. A naked Kindle needs protection when not in use so be sure to enter the Timbuk2 Kindle Sleeve giveaway on Facebook and you might win one of 100 FREE Nylon Quilted Kindle Envelope Sleeves between 1/10/2011 and 1/31/2011.

If you're new to this blog, read some of my older posts and check the right sidebar for websites offering Amazon rewards. Earning Amazon rewards is an easy way to stretch your gift giving budget and stay out of credit card debt during the holidays and year round for that matter. Just think of the possibilities....birthdays, anniversaries, graduation gifts, can be purchased with Amazon rewards. Just add some items to your Amazon wishlist and start working towards earning the rewards needed to purchase them. Set a goal for yourself and try to meet your deadline.   

On a final note, what was your favorite Amazon gift you either received or gave to someone else? Were you able to purchase it with Amazon rewards earned online? If so, how did you earn the rewards? Please comment and share your successes with us!
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