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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Earn Amazon Rewards From Survey Sites - Part 2

INTRODUCTION - This is the 2nd post in a series about survey sites that offer Amazon rewards as payment. Stay tuned as several more sites will be revealed in future posts.

Did you know that you can earn Amazon rewards by taking surveys? I'm registered on many different survey websites where I earn cash and Amazon rewards for completing surveys, testing new products, being part of focus groups, etc. If you love shopping at Amazon and would like to increase your purchasing power then you should consider using survey sites to earn Amazon rewards.

All of the survey sites I belong to are FREE, FREE, FREE to join. None of them have ever asked me to buy anything or disclose my credit card number for any reason. If you ever come across a survey site that asks you to pay to join, I advise you to turn and run, because it is not at all necessary to pay a fee in order to be rewarded for taking surveys.

So let's get started! The 2nd survey site I use and recommend for earning Amazon rewards is.....

VALUED OPINIONS --I receive lots of survey invitations from this site, sometimes several per day. Unfortunately, I don't usually have the time to respond to them all so I do the ones with the highest rewards amounts first. Most surveys will have a deadline date as well so it is best to respond quickly before the survey expires.

Valued Opinion surveys usually take from 10-20 minutes to complete and rewards per survey range from $1 to $5 and could be as high as $50 for specialist surveys (the most I've been paid for a single survey is $4).  You will need to accumulate a balance of at least $20 before you can cash out for an Amazon reward. But if you respond to all or most of the survey invitations it shouldn't take very long to reach this amount.  After you complete a survey, they say it could take up to 28 days to see the payment amount in your account, but I've seen it faster than that.

I received another survey invitation from them this morning, but unfortunately I was not qualified to take it.  However, while on their site I noticed that my balance had grown to $23.50 which meant that I could cashout a $20 Amazon I did!  I received the code immediately after requesting it and also in a confirmation email a few minutes later. I then copied and pasted the code into my Amazon account for future use.  I love watching my Amazon account balance grow!

Like any other survey site, you will not qualify for every survey you are invited to, so be aware that you may invest a few minutes on screening questions and not be able to complete the entire survey and earn the reward offered.  It's a numbers game, so the more survey invitations you respond to the better your odds are of completing some and earning the rewards. Best of luck to you with VALUED OPINIONS.

Recap of recommended survey sites:
1) Opinion Outpost
2) Valued Opinions 

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