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I'm creating this blog to share the many ways I've found to earn Amazon Rewards. By implementing the techniques explained in the following blog posts and using the links and banners in the sidebar anyone can learn how to earn Amazon rewards and increase their personal purchasing power, without spending any of their "real money."

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to How to Shop for Free at Post!

I've been pursuing online income options for several years and have 2 other blogs that focus on this subject. My first blog, Moms Online Money Makers, contains a wide variety of online income opportunities that I've discovered and implemented to help increase our household income while I continue my journey as a stay at home mom to my 4 kids.  My second blog,  Ehow Articles by bestmommy, is more specific and focuses on my experiences earning money by writing "how to" articles for the site. 

Since I've been having such a BLAST earning Amazon rewards lately, I decided to create this new blog specifically to share what I know about where to earn Amazon rewards, how to earn Amazon rewards and how EASY it can be to earn Amazon rewards.  By rewards, I mean gift cards or gift codes used as currency to spend at

I encourage other moms, dads, grandparents, students with limited finances and anyone else with a wish list of items they'd like to purchase from Amazon to follow or subscribe to this blog. Here you will find many options to build up your Amazon rewards stockpile that will help stretch your family finances year round.

I'm especially excited about the holidays this year, knowing that it'll be much easier to check off Santa's list by spending the Amazon rewards I've been earning instead of spending my husbands hard earned paycheck. It feels great knowing that although I'm a SAHM I can still contribute to the household finances.  Since Amazon is a place where you can buy so many different things, the currency or rewards I've been earning have been almost as valuable as cash to my family.

I hope you'll follow along as I outline the many ways you can earn Amazon rewards so you too can shop for FREE at!  Just follow or subscribe in the right panel and stay tuned for more info.

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